Music credit to the Hawaiian artist, George Kahumoku.

About Us

Welcome to Maui Art Tours, Maui’s only private day tour traveling to the homes and studios of our island artists. 

From the moment you are whisked away in air-conditioned luxury with your personal docent and chauffeur at your service, to your safe return at the end of the day Maui Art Tours promises to be an unforgettable day.

We travel to remote places to visit the artists.  You may never have seen these hidden Maui landscapes.  Certainly, the artists, and their homes and studios will enchant you.

Lunch will be served at one of Maui’s finest restaurants, or with the artists in their environment, or catered at a private beach house or mountain estate.

Every detail is attended to, beginning with a personalized package of hand made island gifts, and cobalt blue glass bottles of ionized waters. 

Throughout history art has been the sublime reminder of beauty, intrigue and the human experience.  No society is whole without their artists.

Our island life exudes light, color and the long view of our land.  It offers the grace of sunshine and clear open waters.  Our children romp and play at the shore.  We walk through forests and along ridges of Mt. Haleakala.  The earth is alive with fragrance and warmth.

These things inspire.  Keep our spirit reaching for what is possible beyond the days’ routine. A land that speaks “ART” and a home to the high-spirited and the soulful.  An answer to our call.  Our yearnings. 

Let these artists bring this spirit into your lives.  Visit them with Maui Art Tours.  Bring a piece of their inspiration home with you. 

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us, share with us, be a part of what we treasure in this island life.



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